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Vanguard News

Legion Wide Scavenger Hunt Event

A scavenger hunt event will take place on Sunday the 20th at 8.00pm till 9.30pm EST. The event will compromise of players of all classes and levels.


All players taking part will have to find 5 rare mob drops from all places in Elysea from the following regions
  • -          Poeta
  • -          Elternen
  • -          Theobomes
  • -          Heiron
  • -          Upper Abyss

A list of the items needed, will be posted on the date of the Event so no one will be pre-prepared for the event. The drops in most cases are level specific, meaning a player higher than a few levels of the monster will not be able to obtain the item by killing it, which leads to the next little rule, the items can be obtained by any means necessary, meaning lower levels players will be able to farm and sell the items to higher level players, trading and buying is all allowed.


  • -          Turn in 1 item – 3 Greater Running scrolls
  • -          Turn in 2 items – 3 Greater running + 3 Perer Aether Jelly
  • -          Turn in 3 items – 5 Greater running Scrolls + 5 Perer Aether Jelly
  • -          Turn in 4 items - 10 Greater running Scrolls + 5 Perer Aether Jelly + 5 Major recovery serum
  • -          Turn in all 5 items – 10  Greater running scrolls + 20 Perer Aether Jelly + 10 Major Recovery Serum

 Additionally the first person to turn in all 5 items will get 5 Gold Medals in addition to the 5 item turn in


Welcome to Vanguards Web Portal

Dawns Vanguard was created for the express reason of having fun while playing our addictive MMO, Aion.

During my play time in Aion I have been in many legions some of which are currently ranked within the top 10 legions, however the one thing I noticed within all these legions is that their play style is monotonous, and every member is expected to know all the ‘ins and outs’ of the game before allowing into the legions activities, not a good atmosphere for anyone new to Aion or anyone who enjoys a laid back approach in their play style.

Vanguard understands that every one of our members has different play styles and varying experience levels of Aion’s in-game content.
 I as wells as all the founding members strive to make Vanguard into a legion where all members can share their knowledge and experience creating an atmosphere where time spent in Aion is fun and eventful to all. At present we are looking level our players into a comfort zone where all can participate in out planed legion activities. However no restriction is applied to anyone who would like take part or plan and organize events other than our usual ones.

Finally I welcome all to join me in proving to all of Zikel that the best legions are not ones where all members are pro and who only do things one way and one way only, but legions that have members who take pride in having a free spirit, who travel the paths less walked on, and sharing their experience all the way to Aion’s Endgame and beyond.


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